Virtual Oster Tanz // DAY 3

09:00h – Mindful Awareness

Start your third day of this Virtual Oster Tanz journey with an exercise for mindful awareness.

  • Think of something that happens every day more than once; something you take for granted, like opening a door, for example.
  • At the very moment you touch the doorknob to open the door, stop for a moment and be mindful of where you are, how you feel in that moment and where the door will lead you.
  • Use one of this ‚touch point‘ cues in your morning routine and try to bring more awareness to singular actions then usually.
  • Choose a touch point that resonates with you today and, instead of going through your daily motions on autopilot, take occasional moments to stop and cultivate purposeful awareness of what you are doing and the blessings these actions brings to your life.


10.00h – Song Tip

Refresh and get your energy up with a dance to a song recommended by the workshop team of Tanzfabrik. Today from Elisabeth Leopold, programer of the workshop festivals.

Elisabeth, why did you chose this song?

Because it immediately puts me in a state of ease, which is always useful…

11.00h-12.00h – Gaga/People
[Virtual class/in English]

Join Tanja Saban in her 1-hour live-zoom Gaga/People Class.

medium_detail_columnThe empathic body shifts fluidly between different states of being. The deeper we dive into our sensory body the more possibilities are opening up. Becoming aware of and differentiating sensations in the many layers of our body creates room for an organic reorganization of our habitual patterns. We become available for movement while discovering a new range of possibilities in our bodies and connecting to our passion to move. A Gaga/People class provides a framework for discovering and strengthening the body, adding flexibility, stamina and agility while stimulating the senses and imagination.

You can book here until one hour before the class starts and you will get the link for the live stream 15min before the class starts!

Wanting to delve deeper?

Tanja Saban is interrelating the movement language Gaga with Somatic Sequencing, the whole 5-day-workshop is postponed to the  26th-30th of October!

17.00h-19.00h – ReWilding Attention
[Virtual class/in English]

Join Nita Little in her 2-hour live-zoom-session introducing the concept of ReWilding Attention and transferring a contact skill class to a virtual space.

medium_detail_columnReWilding our Attention becomes possible when we realize that our domesticated embodiments are not enough ­­– especially when we could be getting more significant information through extended embodiments that would expand our ability to move with the speed and clarity of communion – increasing our sense of spatial identity. Working with improvisation scores, our dancing will be technically specific on both physical and attentional levels with full bodied action – even at home!

You can book here until one hour before the class starts and you will get the link for the live stream 15min before the class starts!

20.00h – Tanzfabrik asks …

End the third day of our Virtual Oster Tanz journey with some reading time looking through some answers to our Questionnaire, today by Maya Carroll. You can also listen to a conversation with her about ‚Transfiguring Space‘ here on SoundCloud.

Feel free to leave us your answers to a question in the comment section below!

20 Questions for these times

  • Show or tell us how you rediscovered your apartment during the last couple of weeks?
  • What are your favourite dancing in the shower moves?
  • As time travel hasn’t been banned, where would you go, and why?
  • What three topics are currently unfairly underrepresented due to the corona pandemic?
  • What does your special corona movement practice or ritual look like?
  • How has physical distancing impacted your body-awareness?
  • What are three of the biggest influences on your dance practice?
  • How to take space if you have none?
  • Will a new dance form develop?
  • How does your body feel?
  • Do you have a memorable hugging moment? Describe how the first hug after corona could feel like?
  • Tell us about your favourite early spring moments?
  • Imagine objects could die from corona virus. Which one thing you own would you rescue? Why?
  • How would you describe sharing with your neighbours: caring or scary?
  • Take five minutes to describe your favourite view from your apartment.
  • Can you share a line from your current favorite song lyrics?
  • Do you have different ways of connecting to the world despite the internet?
  • Do you want to ask us something back? Promised we will answer!
  • Imagine there is no Internet, mobile phones or TV. What would be your three favourite analog things to do?
  • What is your favorite body part at the moment and why?
by Maya Carroll
Show or tell us how you rediscovered your apartment during the last couple of weeks?

IMG_7394I am not in my Berlin apartment at the moment, but in a small room in the heart of Paris. The original plan was to be outdoor and explore the city and its culture, meet and collaborate with many artists here. The quarantine created a ‚containment‘ of these wishes for the time being, within this ‚limited‘ yet housing space. I learned to look at and appreciate the different angles of this room. The old fireplace turned into a frame for a little dance, as well as a shelve which I call a little „shrine“ of books, seashells I brought with me, and paintings.


 It is a ground floor room, with two large barred windows facing the street, while the small kitchen window is facing a little shared space with the other residents. From the front, we hear street; people, movement of those who walk and talk, garbage collecting track… and at 8pm daily – the solidarity clapping at the windows and balconies of the neighborhood. From the back small window kitchen we hear our neighbors, sometimes birds. Looking through that window I can see the sky, a tree and a stone wall of the building next door. I appreciated these details when we moved here, but perhaps now, they carry a different meaning. Even in days when I feel a little melancholic, these sounds and views remind me that life is happening right now, and keeps on going. So although the room is small, it seems to absorb much of what is happening outside. There is something living within, which is beyond its 22qm.

What three topics are currently unfairly underrepresented due to the corona pandemic?

I know the issue at the headline right now is to fight this epidemic. I do feel that there are many issues that should be better and sooner addressed in every country, especially under these current circumstances. Three acute topics come to my mind: Helping parents who’s children suffer greatly from this isolation, helping parents of disabled children who are in great distress due to the lack of assistance at the moment, supporting all parents who feel overwhelmed by the handling of the confinement within a very small living space. Domestic violence and domestic abuse should be addressed with high concern these days. Living conditions of refugees and foreign workers with no civil rights have been terribly neglected and need to be take in account when caring for the health of the total population in every country.

How to take space if you have none?

I don’t feel that we have none. We do have space, and I feel we can all connect to this in our gut. We are still breathing, standing, walking, moving around. The mind can tell us another narrative, and it does so especially when we are threatened and restricted by an outer authority. We could feel distressed and suffocated. As I sense it, something in our living tempo suddenly slowed down drastically. Yet nothing disappeared, or stopped. Our space is not gone.  Space can be still made, felt, seen with the right intention … so we can perceive it, and even create it with our imagination. Perhaps this is why meditation is so highly suggested these days. Or any activity which connects us to a wide sense of energy, space wise, time wise. We each have our own way to get there. I trust that for most of us, the option to practice space this way is still available.

Will a new dance form develop?

Dance is so physically and mentally wired to what we are and how we are in time, place and events. I am sure that as dancers, we are already affected by the situation. What form may this impact take, how will it be shaped in our movements, motions, embodied language – time will tell. What I clearly feel now is how much I miss being in contact with others; touch, breathe, smell, dance as a collective movement. The regenerating it all creates is a tremendous gift. We dancers understand that and perhaps are learning to cherish it now more than ever. Intuitively, the first image that comes to me is a massive bundle of bodies holding on to each other. I can’t predict how it would feel like, taking the first dance class after the quarantine is over. But just imagining it is charged with emotion, longing and gratitude for what we do, make, create as a community.

Can you share a line from your current favorite song lyrics?

Sharing a poem that touched me these days:


Imagine there is no Internet, mobile phones or TV. What would be your three favorite analog things to do?

Have meaningful, heart conversation with my husband, read books, dance, clean and tidy the room, cook, draw, dream.

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