Virtual Oster Tanz // Day 2

09:00h – Breathing together

We invite you to start your second day of Virtual Oster Tanz with a breathing exercise. Wim Hif is a Dutch adventurer who uses breath work to help withstand harsh climates and situations. His technique is similar to Tummor (inner heat) meditation and Pranayama.

  • Sit comfortably. Then, take 30 power breaths. Use short, but strong breaths when you are exhaling, like you’re blowing up a balloon.
  • Afterwards, draw in your breath once more fully, but without effort. Then, let the breath out. Hold until you feel moderate discomfort.
  • Take a deep breath to close the exercise.

10.00h – Song Tip

Refresh and get your energy up with a dance to a song recommended by the workshop team of Tanzfabrik. Today from Christa Flaig-Isaacs, programer of the workshop festivals and responsible for business administration at Tanzfabrik.

Christa, why did you chose this song?

I find, Tracy Chapman has such a big strength, the song itself as well, and it is springtime…

11.00h-12.00h – Bartenieff Fundamentals
[Virtual class]

Join Antja Kennedy in her 1-hour live-zoom introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals.

medium_detail_columnThe Fundamentals developed by Irmgard Bartenieff offer a structured way to enliven the connections in the body. A range of different topics, movement principles and movement patterns are experienced and explored both through fixed exercises and sequences on the ground and through improvisations into space. The Fundamentals use whole-body organizational patterns and connections based on early childhood motor development, as well as basic aspects such as stability, mobility and spatial orientation. The clear, effective and at the same time holistic movements have an integrating and centering effect. The increased body connections and movement execution will have an impact on our daily life as well as dance.

You can book here until one hour before the class starts!

Wanting to delve deeper?

The whole 5-day-workshop „Bartenieff Fundamentals“ is now postponed to the 26th-30th of August!

And there will be an online lecture in English by Antja Kennedy!
Saturday, 18.4. 11.00-12.00: „Laban/Bartenieff movement studies as a tool for research, pedagogical and artistic work in dance“
Meeting-ID: 330 345 573
Passwort: 441547

17.00h-18.00h – Klein Technique™
[Virtual class/in English]

Join Barbara Mahler in her 1-hour live-zoom-session introducing Klein Technique™. 

medium_detail_columnKlein Technique™ is a body of work, concise and yet continually evolving, geared towards the health and longevity of movers of all kinds. It re-educates the body with an interweaving of theory and practice at the level of the bone and the deep internal musculature and supportive connections that move, and ground us. Barbara Mahler is a major contributor in the development and outreach of Klein Technique™, the main teacher at the Susan Klein School of Dance 1982-2003. She has been a New York City based teacher, performer and choreographer for over 30 years.

You can book here until one hour before the class starts!

20.00h – Tanzfabrik asks …

End the second day of our Virtual Oster Tanz journey with reading through some answers to our Questionnaire, today by Tanja Saban. She will teach Gaga/People in the frame of Virtual Oster Tanz tomorrow, Thursday, 16.4. at 11am.

Feel free to leave us your answers to a question in the comment section below!

20 Questions for these times

  • Show or tell us how you rediscovered your apartment during the last couple of weeks?
  • What are your favourite dancing in the shower moves?
  • As time travel hasn’t been banned, where would you go, and why?
  • What three topics are currently unfairly underrepresented due to the corona pandemic?
  • What does your special corona movement practice or ritual look like?
  • How has physical distancing impacted your body-awareness?
  • What are three of the biggest influences on your dance practice?
  • How to take space if you have none?
  • Will a new dance form develop?
  • How does your body feel?
  • Do you have a memorable hugging moment? Describe how the first hug after corona could feel like?
  • Tell us about your favourite early spring moments?
  • Imagine objects could die from corona virus. Which one thing you own would you rescue? Why?
  • How would you describe sharing with your neighbours: caring or scary?
  • Take five minutes to describe your favourite view from your apartment.
  • Can you share a line from your current favorite song lyrics?
  • Do you have different ways of connecting to the world despite the internet?
  • Do you want to ask us something back? Promised we will answer!
  • Imagine there is no Internet, mobile phones or TV. What would be your three favourite analog things to do?
  • What is your favorite body part at the moment and why?
by Tanja Saban
corona dance practice and rituals?

Cold showers, especially in the morning!
Much more time spent moving horizontally. 

How has physical distancing impacted your body awareness?

The sense of quietness and space amplifies the subtler ways of the body – I feel the absence of bracing, a lot more relaxation. The absence of touch makes me aware of what kind of touch I miss and long for, and the kind of touch and physical closeness I don’t miss. A good time to assess physical boundaries.

My favourite body part?

My feet – they enjoy the freedom of doing much more of what they want and enjoy, and less of having to carry me from a to b , serving the routine.

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„Jump into the Future“ is also our constantly growing photo series of our teachers, artists and employees which can be seen on our Facebook page.


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