Virtual Oster Tanz // DAY 1


09:00h – Meditation

We invite you to start your first day of Virtual Oster Tanz with a 10min walking, sitting or lying down mediation!

  • Take a moment to bring all your attention towards your breathing.
  •  Use the following affirmation as your object of meditation:
    „The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.“
  • Repeat this affirmation in silence to yourself for the next couple of minutes.
  • To end take the deepest breath you have taken all day long.
  • Take a moment to acknowledge your environment and everything that is surrounding you before you start off your day.

10.00h – Song Tip

Refresh and get your energy up with a dance to a song recommended by the workshop team of Tanzfabrik. Today from Zoé Duflot, who is responsible for the communication and coordination of our program.

Zoé, why did you chose this song?

Well, because „life is such a funny journey“…

14.00h – Transfiguring Space
A Conversation with Maya Carroll

Maya M. Carroll, who would have given the workshop ‚The Instrument – Transfiguring Space‘ during our Oster Tanz festival, gives insights about her work as a choreographer, dancer and teacher and shares her experiences on the current time with Elisabeth Leopold from Tanzfabrik.

The workshop is now postponed to the 5th-7th of June!

Video Message 1 – Open My Eyes by Maya M. Carroll
Video Message 2 – Hands by Maya M. Carroll
Video Message 3 – Romance In Days of Confinement by Maya M. Carroll

17.00h-19.00h – ReWilding Attention
[Virtual class/in English]

Join Nita Little in her 2-hour live-zoom-session introducing the concept of ReWilding Attention and transferring a contact skill class to a virtual space.

medium_detail_columnReWilding our Attention becomes possible when we realize that our domesticated embodiments are not enough ­­– especially when we could be getting more significant information through extended embodiments that would expand our ability to move with the speed and clarity of communion – increasing our sense of spatial identity. Working with improvisation scores, our dancing will be technically specific on both physical and attentional levels with full bodied action – even at home!

You can book here until one hour before the class starts!

20.00h – Tanzfabrik asks …

End the first day of our Virtual Oster Tanz journey with reading through some answers to our Questionnaire, today by Barbara Mahler. She will teach Klein Technique™  in the frame of Virtual Oster Tanz on Wednesday, 15.4. and Friday, 17.4 at 5pm.

Feel free to leave us your answers to a question in the comment section below!

20 Questions for these times

  • Show or tell us how you rediscovered your apartment during the last couple of weeks?
  • What are your favourite dancing in the shower moves?
  • As time travel hasn’t been banned, where would you go, and why? 
  • What three topics are currently unfairly underrepresented due to the corona pandemic?
  • What does your special corona movement practice or ritual look like?
  • How has physical distancing impacted your body-awareness?
  • What are three of the biggest influences on your dance practice?
  • How to take space if you have none? 
  • Will a new dance form develop?
  • How does your body feel?
  • Do you have a memorable hugging moment? Describe how the first hug after corona could feel like?
  • Tell us about your favourite early spring moments? 
  • Imagine objects could die from corona virus. Which one thing you own would you rescue? Why?
  • How would you describe sharing with your neighbours: caring or scary?
  • Take five minutes to describe your favourite view from your apartment. 
  • Can you share a line from your current favorite song lyrics?
  • Do you have different ways of connecting to the world despite the internet? 
  • Do you want to ask us something back? Promised we will answer!
  • Imagine there is no Internet, mobile phones or TV. What would be your three favourite analog things to do? 
  • What is your favorite body part at the moment and why?
Will a new dance form develop?
What does your special corona movement practice look like ?
What are the biggest influence on your dance practice?
by Barbara Mahler
I live in Queens, close to a major hospital involved in the crisis. For a while the ambulance sirens and the police etc. were going, it seemed, all the time.
I would go out…to get away.
I have been blessed? Lucky? Able to use a studio four days a week. It has been keeping me sane.  I am also working on a new solo for late summer and early fall. For me this process of creating has been really about dancing, each rehearsal period beginning with a warm up and then a video of improvisation of 10-15 minutes.
I let what I see in these video IN….experiencing the movement,  letting myself be affected by the changes in my movement preferences as the days have been go on, merging into each other.
The material for my new solo however, is from a video I created in March. I navigate the different experiences but I work still with the March movement.
Am I creating something extraordinary? No but I am organizing myself in and with my body to time. I am moving. I am in process. I am keeping the daily worries and sadness at bay for a few hours a day.
Even with the task of learning older material, I find a way to be present, in touch.
How does my body feel? Oh…so many things… heavy , light, old, sad, but it still moves.
During my time in the studio I breathe, I may zoom a class, having virtual teachers.
Last week I was able to participate in 4 classes. I am often too busy and worn out to indulge in these, mostly being my own and only teacher. I warm up with these, I let my mind be released from staying in control.
Also what keeps me sane is teaching on zoom. A total novice, having refrained from this activity, it is now, out of total and beautiful necessity, keeping me connected to beautiful faces and spirits from new as well as 25 years ago. They ZOOM in and participate in this ritual of hanging over ,breathing . The usual chatter we have/had in classes is minimized – I believe we are happy (I know I am)! To be working together. Some are far away in Europe, Asia.
This teaching is tiring this way but still so necessary.

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Our fundraiser campaign „Jump into the Future“ is now online! In this way you can help us to secure the location and compensate for the loss of income, especially that of the teachers and staff. Let’s make the jump into the future!

„Jump into the Future“ is also our constantly growing photo series of our teachers, artists and employees which can be seen on our Facebook page.

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