Dance Intensive meets Uferstudios

1. & 2. Juni 2018 | 20:00 Uhr | Uferstudios 14

Bits & Pieces @Uferstudios ist eine Spezialausgabe des sonst in der Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg stattfindenden Bits & Pieces showings. Diese Ausgabe findet am 1. & 2. Juni diesmal auf größerer Fläche der Uferstudios statt. Hierbei sind die Studierenden des Dance Intensive Programms eingeladen unter dem Motto des Jubiläumsjahres der Tanzfabrik Remembering the Future eigene Projekte zu entwickeln, die sich zwischen festgelegter Choreografie und Improvisation, zwischen interaktiver Performance und Installation bewegen. „What would be a form of revolution for me today?“ and „How would we carry it out?“ sind ein paar der treibenden Fragen, sie sich aus dem Motto abgeleitet haben, mit denen sich die Studierenden derzeit in ihren kollektiven Prozessen beschäftigen.

Einige Ausschnitte in die themenspezifische Rechersche der einzelnen Gruppen, und Einblicke in die Probenprozesse werden hier bis zum showing gepostet.




..exploring the revolution of inviting death into our lives, and exploring death grief and care. Some pictures taken at the hospice.

the voice circle



Group A

Video | Work in Progress | Studio 1 TF Kreuzberg

Joya Geiger, Michael Fleit (Margarida Farinha)







Side Practices and Projects

Healing Competition

2nd of May to 2nd of June 2018

Video here

I’ve been thinking about the concept of „revolution“ and I came up with a project that I’d like to present you and invite you to participate in. It’s a performance that will actually start a month before the show, take place on a daily and mostly individual basis, and without a particular choreographed part for the Bits and Pieces. The performance will simply consist of our bodies informed with this one month continuous experience. 
So for me, revolution is global well being. And I believe it starts on an individual level, to reach then the collective. It can happen through a mindset of healing oneself, I think healing is a practice, and practice is possible through individual commitment and collective support.
So I thought about doing a „performance“ which would be more related to sport than to the stage.
Here’s the idea: each participant practices a daily „self-care routine“ which should take less than 1h, for one month. We also have a weekly little get together, and one voice circle happening when we’re half-way through.

But there’s a twist: since revolution still has to happen within a capitalistic society, and since a capitalistic society pressurizes, demeans and divides between losers and winners, I decided to take reality into account and transform this project into a competition. 
Based on trust, because trust should also be a basis for revolution, participants who will fail at their daily commitment will have to communicate it and drop from the game. 
So in the end it is not pretty; but at least everybody can take part, and there’s a possibility to experience a collective intention to heal, even if it’s only for a little while, which is my ultimate purpose and interest in this project.

So here would be the routines: 

DAILY (individually)
– 10 min sitting meditation
– 10 min lying on the floor in silence (not necessarily static)
– 5 min observing and/or holding  a crystal, stone or gem 
– 5 min taking care of a plant, you choose how, maybe watching, watering, singing, talking, displacing to the sun… Connecting
– a moment of sensual pleasure. No guidelines 😉
– a singing moment, the kind that is fun or liberating or emotional or all at once, but that makes you feel good. The duration is up to you. YouTube karaoke is highly recommended

WEEKLY (as a group)
– a meeting, short, informal, to share and listen about our experience in the process
– a social dancing session. House party, club, studio, bedroom, 20 minutes, 20 hours…

OME TIME (as a group)
– an outing to the former NSA spy station Teufelsberg, in the middle of Grünewald, and ideally a voice circle in the upper part, which is a big sphere in the dark with a highly echoing acoustic. This will happen on the weekend of May 19th-20th, Saturday or Sunday
– at the end of the performance, a karaoke session at Monster Ronson’s!

Good news: we all have 3 jokers. Which means 3 days when we can not do the routine. But we are competing: so it has to be communicated to all per email.

– in case you never practiced meditation, try at least once before we start the performance, to experience it and decide if you feel like doing it daily. For the absolute strangers to meditation, the main technique is directing your attention to your breathing and letting thoughts coming (cause we have a mind, so thoughts appear) but leaving them and coming back to your breathing awareness. I personally practice Vipassana meditation, which consists of scanning my whole body from head to toe and toe to head with observing sensations in every part. I can give details if you’re interested.
– get a crystal, stone or gem that catches your attention and which you feel curious about. If you wish to get one new, there’s a store pretty close from the school, in Akazienstrasse
– maybe, choose songs that you love to sing over and make a playlist, so that you don’t have to search for one day after day; but maybe it’s my over-organized virgo rising speaking 

The communication about this project will take place only per email and not Facebook, and I think we should click on „reply to all“ only when it feels necessary, in order to avoid huge threads of chat. Cause I know this is upsetting, stressful and even overwhelming for many people. Except me of course! Please overwhelm me with communication about this!

Rehearsals 28th of May – 2nd of June 2018



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