Portrait: Min-Woo Park

„An encounter of traditional Korean dance & contemporary dance“

Min-Woo Park is spending 3 months at Tanzfabrik Berlin and wants to share his process with us on the 1st of February.

In the follow can find an excerpt of his intention and some pictures…

Now I am working as a dancer, a choreographer and an educator in South Korea.
I have established Meot Dance Company to inform the public about Original Korean   dance


The young in Korea prefer popular music and fancy dance,  so that they’re getting less interested in learning Korean dance that’s not fancy and  difficult to learn


Anyway I think Korean dance has lots of charm, so I’ve been learning and studying  various kinds of art to make Korean dance be loved by the public
But sometimes, there are difficulties in choreography
There for, I would like to learn many modern dance by taking Tanz Fabrik Berlin’s  lesson and combine the action of Korean dance with modern dance.   And I think this is very special case


Sometimes, We treat people around us carelessly while living for a better future.
People die, No one knows when it happens.
When the time has come, we regret our past mistakes.
But it’s already too late.
What happened just happened, and there is no going back in time.
I’d like to give you a moment to think about people around you through this work


Se-Wol always performes on the street.
He makes money by entertaining people
He did a lot of work to do his job and also had to give up a lot.
But, He’s satisfied with it, because He does what he’s wanted.
When If He’s done working, He goes back home. there is no one there. not any more


He does everything alone.
He meets many of the people in his dream.
his family lost on the war, friends who died, his wife who had gone through a hard  time with him but died by disease..
In his dream, They meet him and welcome
when the sun comes up, He heads back on to the street to meet his audience who  would like to watch his performance.


1. Se-Wol’s performance.
2. Going back home
3. The people he meets in his dream.
3-1. Meeting his parants
3-2. Meeting his friends
3-3. Meeting his wife.


„I try to create harmony between Korean traditional dance and contemporary dance. I would like to do works that stimulates me and the viewer. My work’s basic theme is about my grandfather. He has lived the past and is currently living the present with me. I want to show young people how I learned from my grandfather, and I want to show my presence because of my grandfather through my work. I want many young people to appreciate my work and be stimulated through my work.“ (Min-Woo Park)



Do 1.2. 18:00 „Time to Meet: Min-Woo Park“

Open Studio. Ort: Wedding/Uferstudio 4. Free Admission

„Time to Meet“ is a series of open rehearsals and discussions, a meeting place for exchange and feedback on artistic processes, this time with the artist Min-Woo Park.

This takes place within the framework of a residence, which is made possible through cooperation with the Daegu Cultural Foundation in Daegue, Korea. From autumn 2017 until spring 2018 Korean artists will work with Tanzfabrik Berlin.

2017-11-21 (11)


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