TIME TO MEET: Gyeong-Min Kang

„Could be something, could be nothing“

Time to Meet Gyeong-Min Kang


Where does the anxiety of the possibility come from? Some people do not come up with the anxiety with the possibility. Others may associate it with the positive notions such as an opportunity, a hope or even a development. However, what I want to talk about is not just whether the possibility gives us positive or negative feelings.

We are living in the moment between passing past and coming future. In the very short moment, options and opportunities that we have will make the past and the future. People try to concentrate on the present and to have awareness in the moment of immersion. Sometimes, there are many distractions, such as haunting memories from the past or anxieties about the unrevealed future, which disturb the immersion. We need to keep the balance in order to live the present. This performance will be focused on the uncountable possibility we have now, which is heading to the future with keeping the balance.

You are warmly invited to be part of this „time to meet“ on Sunday (26.11.) at Tanzfabrik/ Wedding.

„Time to Meet“ is a series of open rehearsals and discussions, a meeting place for exchange and feedback on artistic processes, this time with the artist Gyeong-Min Kang.

26.11.2017 // 17:00
@ Tanzfabrik Wedding/ Studio 4 (Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin)
Free Admission


„This story is about possibility. The possibility has a meaning of the future. Because we feel like living in the present, but the future is not far from now. It is going to happen in just 1 second. It contains infinite chance and we might feel waves of derived emotions from it. The future is unstable. The Possibility based on the future is also unexpected and unsettled. People have all possibility of this performance“

Choreography/Dance: Gyeong-Min Kang/SITS Dance Project | Dance:Gyeong-Min Kang, Yariel, Dan Su, Meggie Blankschyn


This takes place within the framework of a residence, which is made possible through cooperation with the Daegu Cultural Foundation in Daegue, Korea. From autumn 2017 until spring 2018 Korean artists will visit the Tanzfabrik Berlin. We are already looking forward to welcoming our next guest Minwoo Park.

2017-11-21 (11)

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