O P E N S P A C E S #3 After talk -2

We invite you here to this open space.
To share.
To exchange.

You can move around this place. Feel the space after the performance within.

IMG_2742 (1).jpg
Find a partner to talk about your thoughts of the performance.


Find another couple to talk together about your thoughts.


Now lets sit together in a circle and share, listen and exchange.


Juli: If you want to say something iam here holding this space. I invite you into this space. It is an open space.

Does it empower you to perform?
Juli: I’am energetic, still vulnerable but yes empowered.

What is cyborg feminism?
Juli: I kind of try to undo the naturality of the body, trying to push the huge potential of the body.
Feminism is an act of choice.

I’am curious, is there a verb for afinity?
Did you find your verb today?

I saw so much potential on stage in this room. And i am craving MORE. You said you’d give it to me. But you didn’t give it to me. The performer was holding something back.

I was waiting for something.
I was waiting for a different energy to kind of break the character.

Juli: My body got more and more layered, so it felt differently.

In the end i forgot that you were a woman, even though you were the same woman as before. I thought that was very amazing.

You are talking about polarities and collapsing them. An artist was talking about technology being used for pleasure. Maybe it is less about the pleasure and more about the bodies emancipation. 





Im Rahmen von apap – Performing Europe 2020, kofinanziert durch das Creative Europe Programme der EU /
In the frame of apap – Performing Europe 2020, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU 


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