Bea Carolina Remark : DanceAbility

Bea Carolina Remark came to dance therapy after spending some time in a readaptation clinic in 1995. Since then, she has trained to become a dance therapist, that finally lead her to be a certified DanceAbility trainer. Bea works with various institutions, and also proposes workshops.

On Saturday the 22nd of July, dance therapist Bea Carolina Remark will lead a talk, alongside Jess Curtis and Bernhard Richarz : „De-mystifying Physical Diversity in Teaching Practice“ . The lecture will take place in the Uferstudios, in Wedding (Berlin), at 19:00. All are welcome !

DanceAbility is a practice that was founded in the 1980s, and is part of the contemporary dance movement. As told during an interview at the Deutschlandfunk, Bea explains that contemeporary dance « applies to all types of physical expression, all of them being equal ».

DanceAbility is therefore a dance style that includes everyone, regardless of physical ability, dance level. When working with a group of dancers of different backgrounds, wether they be professional dancers or mere amateurs, Remark says that she must be attentive to her participants, making every one of them participate, so that they eventually develop their unique and common « dance language ».

If dance can help others to rediscover and get in contact with their body, Bea Carolina Remark is a living example of it. Born with periodic paralysis, she has now managed to tame and rekindle with her body, thanks to twenty years of dancing. That is why she wishes to communicate it, through her dance therapy and choreographic work. The workshops and projects she develops often include working with people living with periodic paralysis, sometimes in wheelchairs, or people with missing limbs, arm or leg.

Dance is movement. Invalid or valid, we all move in our daily lives, and to Bea Carolina Remark, « movement unites all of us », regardless of our context, physical ability. What matters, is our capacity, our willingness to express ourselves, to exchange, communicate with one another, should it be on stage or in our lives. Movement, dancing, is a physical language, but most of all, it’s universal. To Bea Carolina Remark, « dancing is freedom ».


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