Aline Landreau: Underneath


„For medieval readers, meaning was generated in the vocal-gestural activity of reading out. Doing and knowing, here, were as clearly coupled as chewing and digestion – an analogy explicitly drawn in the ancient characterisation of thinking as a process of rumination. To ruminate, we still say, is to chew things over – as cattle chew the cud – and to digest their meanings. Moreover medieval people, as we have seen, would have read the book of nature in the same manner, through their practices of wayfaring. Thus, knowledge of nature was forged in movement, in the course of going about in it. This knowledge was performative in the strict sense that it was formed through the comings and goings of inhabitants. Reading as performance, in short, was both word-forming and world-forming.“

(Tim Ingold Walking with dragons – an anthropological excursion on the wild side)


Underneath, the new work by Aline Landreau, explores the feelings as if someone is pulling the rug from under our feet in sociopolitically and economically unstable times while focusing on the different notions of fundament and (under)ground.

The constant interweaving between the two dancing bodies – negotiating between the vertical and the horizontal, between impetus and sagging, fight and alliance – and the vibrant soundscape, a constantly modulating network of lights and an elusive presence of falling particles, are revealing our seeking for a common and stable ground.


Don’t miss it !

Aline Landreau_Titel_Abgeschnitten.jpg

Do. 1.6. & Fr. 2.6. / 19:00 UNDERNEATH

Aline Landreau

Premiere / Performance

Tickets 14 / 9 €

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