Time to meet Sarah Bouars and Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

On a beautiful shiny tuesday afternoon, I had the chance to meet Zwoisy and Sarah, both members of the upcoming COLLECTIVE TEATIME #2 : DECOLONIZING PERFORMANCE in the frame of Open Spaces #1 – 2017.  It was for me the opportunity to get to know them better and to have a closer look at what the group is working on this residency.

„For me, performance is like a healing tool. This is how I see it for myself (…), a way to have access to transform maybe traumatic experiences into something powerful (…). I want to make it accessible for other people as well“.



Zwoisy and Sarah co-organized this edition of Collective Teatime. Eshan, Enis, Nasheeka, Baly, Maque, Idan, Hyunsin, Tatiana, Felix join them for the residency.

COLLECTIVE TEATIME happened for the first time in the frame of Open Spaces 2016. The residents of this first Edition were emerging, feminist artists based in Berlin.

Inspired by Joy Mariama Smith’s and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko’s retreat „Color Block“ for queer artists of color, Zwoisy and Sarah came together with the desire to create a residency for artists of color.

During this week of February and in the frame of Open Spaces #1 -2017, they and the other residents are questioning how to decolonize performance.

The first public presentation of COLLECTIVE TEATIME#2: DECOLONIZING PERFORMANCE will be a salon and will consist of an interview with Shannon Lewis moderated by Jessica Lauran Elizabeth Taylor as a part of Black in Berlin. Questions such as:

Does the artist have a duty to reflect the times ?

Are black and brown artists’ work inherently political ?

How best do we go about the work of creating equity in art spaces and cultural institutions ?

will be discussed. The public will also be invited to discuss the questions in response to the interview.

The second public presentation of COLLECTIVE TEATIME#2: DECOLONIZING PERFORMANCE will be a showing of what the group has been developing throughout the week. After one week in studio 1 at Uferstudios all together, they’ll open up their doors to the public.

Collective Teatime #2 is the opportunity to see emerging artists getting to know each other sharing their artistic methods as well as storytelling and movement practices. It’s the opportunity to see a negotiation around the meaning of decolonizing performance.

It’s sharing. It’s empowerment. It’s generosity. It’s performance.


Come and join us !


Thu 23.2  18:00-20:00 and Sun 26.2 16:00-18:30 COLLECTIVE TEA-TIMES #2: DECEOLONIZING PERFORMANCE

Salon + Showing

Free admission+ 5-10 euros sliding scale


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