Artist talk: Claire Cunningham, Jess Curtis and Alva Noë (The Way you look /at me/ tonight)

July 14th the noted philosopher and author Dr. Alva Noë talked in Tanzfabrik Berlin about Perception, Thoughts and Practices in Performance and Philosophie.

His recent book „Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature“ manifests in the current collaboration with choreographer/performers Claire Cunningham (UK) and Jess Curtis (Berlin/San Franciso).

Alva mentioned that one of the things Claire and Jess are interested in is the notion of accessibility.

“ What does it mean for a piece or work of art to be accessible?

While offering an audio guide for people who are perceptual impaired in a relavant way is that making the art accessible or is that making the situation accessible?

What does accessibility mean and what is the political and moral importance of accessbility?

One of these things which have always been very important for  Alva and his work is the idea of ability and disability. He admits that the notion of accessibility was crucial.

In the following Alva reads something he said about that last Thursday




In the upcomping workshop „Watch me watch you“ Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham are bringing themes related to their new work „The Way you Look (at me) Tonight.“

Workshop: WATCH ME WATCH YOU 21.-24.7.   (14:30 – 17:30)

Performance: THE WAY YOU LOOK (AT ME) TONIGHT. 22.7.   (20:30)

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